Them Kids and Me

23 year old Mummy to two beautiful children:

Zayn 4, Elaina 2 + 1 baking !!

Currently completing (attempting to complete) a double degree in English and Primary School Teaching. Four year degree has slowly been converted into a six year journey…

This blog explores my inner thoughts and experiences through my crazy life!

Twitter: @momma_z13
Instagram: @layale_16


3 thoughts on “Them Kids and Me

  1. Nice 2 meet u, u posted on baby center about this… I’m actually intrigued by ur blogs really encouraging would u mind sharing a blog about how to fight negativity during pregnancy
    I’m in my late thirtys and every1 looks @ me like I’m some sick woman when they don’t know I’ve been trying for nine years
    Thanks so much by the way you go girl wish u all the best

  2. That’s the way I will most likely think. As long as I am happy nobody’s comment will mean anything. I wouldn’t mind reading more, keep up the work 🙂

  3. Hii..
    Wooow.. read through every one of your blogs
    Still the strong girl you were.
    Even though we dont talk anymore. Im proud of you. Keep up your awesome work
    All the best for the future

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