Yes he’s going to a private school

What’s with the judgement though seriously ? Today was the gazillionthhhh timeee I’ve had this conversation and I can’t help but feel the judgement. It’s been an emotional journey, coming to terms with the fact that my eldest son will be starting ‘big school’ next year.. so as every parent does I began vetting primary schools early on ( so early, a year before !) A particular school caught my attention, a private school.. I never at any stage put any pressure on my son, I actually stared in horror watching other parents ‘pep talk’ their kids, “you better not mess this interview up”.. I mean seriously ? My kids not a genius but the way I looked at it was they’d be lucky to have him, not the other way around. I know my son and the charismatic personality he has to offer, so if they weren’t going to see past his academic intelligence well frankly it’d be their bad not his. I had a public school lined up as plan b, one that I had also done some research into and ticked all the boxes.. but he was accepted into the private school. I was proud of him, I was more surprised with the school itself, putting emphasis on a child’s communicative skills rather than their academic talent.

So now my conversation with people goes like this

Them: “he’s so cute, how old is he?”

Me: “4”

Them: “sooo that means big school next year”

Me: “don’t make me cry, it’s around the corner, times flying”

Them: “so what school are you sending him to?”

Me: “Xyz”

Them: “really???? Private school??”

Me: “yep”

Them: “but what are their fees ?”

Me: ” x amount per term”

Them: “oh my god that’s a lot of money”

Me: “yep” < where I usually stop at cos I’m just not bothered, but tonight I am. Via my blog that is.

My little four year old goes to pre school three days a week, so six days a fortnight and we pay close to $480 per fortnight.. why? Because we don’t qualify for Centrelink benefits, you know because apparently in this country the harder you work the more childcare you pay.. the harder you work the less benefits you gain.. actually you gain zilch. So if someone asks me ONE more time about WHYYY on earth I’m sending him to a private school.. HONEY ITS FREAKIINNGGG CHEAPER THAN PRESCHOOL!! You know the preschool that he only attends THREE DAYS A WEEK.. I mean for a little cheaper he gets to learn a new instrument.. get over it. šŸ¤·šŸ»ā€ā™€ļø

Below, are my thoughts exactly during those recurring conversations.. yes you may LOL



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