Who will?

Who will do what I do for you ? Will they know ? Will they know that you both like your crust cut off your butter and jam toast ? Will they know that you like strawberry flavoured milk only every second day ? Will they know the routine to the funny dance we do at the traffic light ? Will they know that you both get piggybacked to bed ? Will they know the song we sing "to zee bed to zee bed we go" ? Will they know you prefer green apples over red? Will they know not to bribe you with sweets but with broccoli ? Will they know you love broccoli? Will they know to tickle you right before it's lights out ? Because the sound of your laughs is the last thing I want to hear? Will they know to answer your questions fully and not dismiss you as a "child" because your mind craves more than just a limited response? Will they know to look at you while you're swimming because you'll be looking their way ? Will they know when I'm gone ? Because I'm not sure they will.. I'd like to think you'll remember, Id like to think you'll be loved, I know you will.. who couldn't.

Your mother


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