The good life

Anxiety has settled.. I hope, maybe it has something to do with being back at university. Seems like my four year degree is turning into eight and that's okay with me.. I've learnt to count my blessings and realise that I have to start being EXTRA grateful, I learnt at uni that not every mother has the luxury of leaving her kiddies safe with their OWN mother, that not all women are supported by their partners/ husbands to pursue university studies.. I learnt to appreciate my life that little bit more.

Something has been tugging at the back of my mind for the last few weeks, when did you know your child was ready for child care ? With my eldest he was three and very independent in the sense of handling himself quite well without me and interacting with other children in playgrounds without any hesitation. Fair to say with Zayn I knew he was ready when I accompanied him to a trial day at childcare and he cried when I told him we had to leave😂

With Elaina though who just turned two in February, her signs are crying and embarrassing the hell out of me the three times a week when we drop off Zayn at pre school, her signs are fibbing and talking to her Aunty's about what a great day she had at school (also names Zayns teachers in her stories), she also craves me teaching her like a "student"; reading her books, setting activities etc… but is two and a half too early ? Obviously want to conquer the great world of toilet training before hand, but can anybody share their advice ? Experiences ?

Aaaaannnddd then there's our little Miss Anissa, three months in a couple of days and boy oh boy does this girl hold the key to my heart 😩.. a little pic for an update

Layale xx


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