What is this

being a mum to three children business ?? I’m sitting here on our lounge, admiring our oh so beautiful lounge room ( sarcasm ofcourse ) I literally cannot see the rug from all the toys and socks wait what ? Socks? Don’t know how they got there but they did.. dishes NOT DONE yep since the morning because I’m grubby like that.. washing NOT HUNG because I’m fun like that, bed NOT DONE because I’m fancy like that! 

Yep this is life… this is what I get for waking at 7am, feeding baby, burping baby, changing baby, stretching baby, placing baby on play mat, making breakfast for two kiddies, picking up crying baby, wrapping baby, put baby to sleep, re make breakfast because breakfast burnt whilst I was putting baby to sleep, feeding kids, changing kids, put dummy in mouth of crying baby, packing babys bag, getting ready and leaving home at 10am! That’s what I get.. BUT IF I WAS HOME ALL DAY.. I would have had everything done by approximately 6pm💁🏻 Honestly though you just don’t win! If I’m home, I’m spending most of the day cleaning in between playing and creating activities for the kids and if I’m out of the house kids are happy but at the back of my stupid mind is HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE with all these alarm bells surrounding the word HOUSE ( no joke ) It’s almost as if I lose either way and this has to end.. either I figure out how to be content living this way or I try to work a routine around the house chores ( you guys obviously know which one I’m going with 😫)

Trying to not feel overwhelmed and ATTEMPTING to accept that life will be like this for a little while until baby A grows out of the newborn phase (e.g. Feed = 15 mins but to BURP !! Dear LORD 5min – 1 HOUR) .. not to mention bath + bed time which takes 1+ hours ( fyi just the baby).. it’s really hard though especially on nights like these.. still in my clothes and it’s 8pm, still have to get up and do the dishes, have a shower and put a load in the washing.. but it’s nights like these that I fall in love with those three souls even more, when they tell me they love me as big as the “whole world” before they sleep, that’s when my heart melts that little bit more and I take a deep breath in… 

I have a dirty home.. my kids love me and they are loved.

I am luc- grateful.



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