12 weeks pregnant.

Boom! Not even going to go down the path of explaining myself, but I’ll answer all your questions in this quick imaginary chat that I envision with you all

“OMG were you planning???”

Me: No

“But you so wanted a third kid right?!!”

Me: No, shit I’m barely coping with two

“It’ll be so exciting to have all of your children grow up together right?!”

Me: Totally! I mean I just can’t wait to leave the house with three children under four! I mean can you imagine the great shopping trips and park adventures! Oh don’t forget the tantrums TIMES FREAKING THREE

“It’ll be easy because you’re still in the ‘baby zone’ ”

Me: DO I FREAKING LOOK LIKE I WANNA BE STUCK IN THE BABY ZONE!!! I mean it’s always been my life long goal to continue changing diapers for four years consecutively 🤗 going onto five but hey don’t be jelly😎

Sarcasm aside, I believe I’m a bloody great Mum, I fail some days but most days I put a smile on their faces and if that’s not the most rewarding thing in life I don’t know what is. The fact that god believes another child deserves the love and happiness that our family is able to provide gives me butterflies.. It will be difficult most definitely but heck was life supposed to be easy?? 

Even though my blog was supposed to be my journal I couldn’t confess to being pregnant AGAIN.. it’s my FIFTH pregnancy guys.. 2 children.. do the math.. I have faith, but miscarriages do take a toll both emotionally and physically.. 

My heart goes out to those trying to conceive and those who have lost a life.. focus on the blessings and be grateful for what you have, sounds so cliche but I promise it was only when I reached a point of contentment with where my life was at that God decided to say “well here you go”.. I’m scared to shits but scary is good.. I mean I’m practically a fully functioning Mummy robot so what’s another experiment 😌



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