Yes.. Through the night !!

Finally ! I’ve achieved it.. Four month old sleeping through the night 💪💪💪

So remember that post about the whole sleep deprived, zombie look alike mama ? Say Aur revoir ( think that’s how you spell it ) cos Mama Bear is getting sleep! 

It’s true what they say about your first child being an experiment and all. Went through every process known to man kind when Zayn was a newborn, from Gina Fords method of diligent timing to the ” let them be babies, listen to their needs “. Well no. 

I did it my way and if it makes any sense.. Having Zayn made it abit easier. Bath times remained consistent.. I would bath Zayn first, read him a story then tuck him in bed followed by Miss E. Bath, dress then feed her a warm bottle – no play time just straight into her cot. 

It’s not rocket science that babies don’t know the difference between night and day.. But babies are smart when it comes to what they expect.. For example every three hours they cry expecting a feed.. Don’t think for a second they aren’t smart little cookies. You see because I bath Elaina at the same time every day, her cry is different at 6pm, not just for a feed but for a bath aswell. Newborns are already overwhelmed coming into this world, nothing is known to them so I think consistency is key.. Knowing that they are going to get the same bath ” wind down ” every day makes them that little more relaxed and comfortable – by placing them straight into their cot/bassinet you’re teaching them the difference between night and day. So as each day passes they start to realise ” okay bath = sleepy time “. 

Getting her to sleep through the night began when she turned 4 months. I began feeding her puree once a day at around 5pm, an hour before her bath and bottle. Babies stomachs are very tiny, with puree and a full bottle of milk she should be able to hold her hunger till at least 5am given a 6pm bed time. So three nights in a row there were two or three random wake ups and each time I placed the dummy in her mouth ( I plan to stop the dummy when she’s 6 months ). Three nights passed of continuously waking up and then boom.. My little baby started waking at 5am then 5.30am and now amazingly at 6am. And no I’m not starving my baby to death, the fact that she’s been sleeping through the night for three weeks now means she’s happily full ..I’m not that harsh.

Many people won’t agree with my method and that’s fine you do what suits you. But in my case it works for me. I could not imagine myself waking 4 – 5 times a night, I just wasn’t myself those first couple of months not to mention not feeling positive. Routine doesn’t work for everyone, some people’s lives obliges them to have their babies work around their time and that’s fine, I’m just sharing what makes my life that little bit easier.

I can’t imagine my life without the R word 🙊.. At the end of the day my two kids are tucked in bed by a certain time.. And you can guess who’s having their cup of coffee HOT & UNINTERRUPTED 💁💁.



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