Did I vanish ?

Poof ! Gone

That’s how it feels, opening up my blog seems like a foreign experience to me :\ weird huh ?

Lets explore the list of excuses I was planning on pitching:

– busy writing my book away 😏

– running after a little penguin all day

– completely exhausted by this pregnancy 😞


Yep, you guessed it.. Number 3. I’ve mentioned it countless times but this time round has been a whole new experience for me.. Hats off to the women that are going through it and have already experienced it because frankly I’m just about ready to take her out myself 🙈 . Okay maybe emotions are taking over with that dramatic statement but wow oh wow I kinda understood the whole ” every pregnancy is different ” – noone mentioned ET different.

To the pregnant, first time mama to be reading this.. Might wanna skip this post.

I think it just all comes back to how I really feel, might sound funny but I miss my old self. I could bounce off walls during my first pregnancy (FP) this time placing my hands on walls to get around is what its become. I’m so thankful that I’ve been blessed to carry another child and add a little muffin to my family but God only knows the struggle is real. I mean nausea through to 7 months ? Vomiting if I have that extra 10 cent piece of biscuit ? Huffing and puffing from just lifting the washing? Yes the washing !! Not the basket ! But actual pieces of clothing 🙊

Most of all.. I miss being me 😐 Funny, light hearted me.. These days you cant get a word past me without me analysing it 1865736 times and drawing my own conclusions cos hey I’m right by the way and no I will not give you the opportunity to explain yourself ✋

Hubby has been my rock throughout all of this, cliché I know. I realise it when its too late, the quick snaps at why his esky wasn’t placed in the kitchen sink but on the bench, or why his work clothes smelled of sweat ! I plan on apologising for all of this and much more once baby E is born… After all, no point in me saying sorry then starting an argument as to why I’m apologising followed by the drop of the oh so common line ” you helped make this baby !”

2 months to go.. The countdown is on.. EDD 29/01/15..

There you have it. My sincere (about as sincere as I can get typing this with swollen bear feet) explanation as to why I disappeared.. I’ll be posting more often just bare with me as I have a 21 month old who is practically forcing me to toilet train him – but that’s for a whole other post 😝 stay tuned and all will be explained.





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