The Bunny Experiment

So I know I’ve been a little quiet on the blog lately, truth is I haven’t had time to scratch my headπŸ˜”. Between balancing time completing chapters, assignments, running after a toddler then remembering to feed the baby growing inside of me it’s pretty understandable I hope 😁.

So I mentioned on my Instagram that in our little household we’ve been enjoying a “bunny experiment” for the last two weeks or so. It all began when I was flicking through channels one night and came across an interesting story about a woman who decided she wanted to focus on her career ( even though she was married ) for most of her life and put having children on a long hold. At 43 her and her partner decided it was time to have children, fortunately enough she was one of the very few that had – her words not mine ” lucky eggs”. What that meant was they both decided they would have children no less then 12 months apart – 5 to be exact. When the reporter asked about how the siblings handled another coming along at such a young age, she mentioned her “teddy” experiment. *Silly* I initially thought, and she giggled too when she said it aloud as she turned red faced from her husband. She pretty much bought her first daughter a teddy bear that they as a family called ” baby “. They would cuddle the teddy any time they cuddled her, pretend fed/bathed/dressed/kissed the baby every time they did their own little girl.

Intrigued by the idea of the whole ” success teddy story “, I thought I’d try it with my LO.. After all I always said ” He would never be a jealous baby, he’s too affectionate towards other kids, it’s impossible ” πŸ‘€ Boy did he prove me wrong. So out I brought a fluffy bunny ( from his gazillion stuffed toys he received when he was a new born ). I cradled the bunny in my arms like he was a baby and said aloud ” this is bay beee ( yes we speak in baby syllables πŸ™ˆ ). I could just see it in his eyes, before I knew it he stormed up to me, ripped the bunny out of my arms and put it back in the toy box. *Fail*
Next morning, the regular struggle of changing his nappy without him thinking it’s a game of a cat and mouse πŸ˜‚, so I stopped chasing him – exhausted and out of ideas I grabbed the bunny and smiled ” hi bay bee, were gonna change your nappy – good boy ” – I leaned in and kissed the bunny… In a Blink of an eye can you guess who was tugging at my hip ☺️ ? So from there it began.. Have to admit the first couple of days were hilarious, at bed time I would say good night to the both of them, kiss them both & before I could turn my back he would throw the bunny out of the cot ( imagine the blow fish like face I was making trying to hold my laugh ) but I stuck stubborn. Now two weeks on, when I say ” nana (food) time ” without hesitation he walks into his room, grabs the bunny and squeals – yes he squeals because this is apparently the way you speak to a baby in his books ” ba baaa”.

Not to mention the little moments that melt your heart, for instance today, sitting in the lounge room reading a book together only for him to jump down walk in his room and walk out cuddling his little ba baaa.

Maybe this experiment won’t work – it’s objective after all is to get the child used to your attention as a mother shifting onto something else other than them. I won’t be able to tell you I succeeded till this little bun in the oven graces us with their presence in less than six months 😱. But what I can say for sure is, if that’s how he is with a stuffed animal, then I can only imagine how lucky & fortunate his little brother/sister is going to be to have a brother like him.

I’m interested to hear from any of the mamas with two or more children -how your little ones reacted when the other came along – or did they react at all ? Did you do any experiments before hand ? You can click on the heading of the post and down the bottom you can comment or share the post with friends on fb.





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