Ever get that feeling ?

Ever get that feeling that you’re in a constant routine ? Like you’re almost living on a planet all on your own. Waking up, breakfast, chores, toddler time, dinner followed by bath/bed routine and then you’re off to snooze only to wake up to it all over again…

I think that entire month of the same thing happening day in day out really struck a cord. It seems like ever since Ramadan ended I have to do something different ( other than the usual ) every day. It was sad to see Ramadan go, but it was just the whole “living by the clock” that really got to me. If you’re feeling the same way why not change it up 😊

The smallest things make a difference I promise. Call a friend and meet up for breaky tomorrow, take up planting with your little one/s. Don’t be afraid to see them dirty, If I have learnt anything lately it’s that time goes by too quickly. You want to look back and remember the sudden trips to the park that you took, or the mud painting ( aka body painting 😂 ) that you enjoyed with your LO. Whatever it is, just change it up – why ? Because you deserve it !

You are not a robot, yes you are a Mama and sometimes when repeating yourself a thousand times you may appear to be one but NO ! You are a woman, with a heart & emotions. You have the right to enjoy life just as much as your LO so stop stressing on whether the washing is done or dishes are packed away.. Get the picnic basket and off you go !!

Life really is too short, not encouraging you to buy those sky diving tickets you’ve been dying for but just ‘live a little’. *Hypocrite*I giggled as I typed that because I for one cannot sit on the lounge while the house is upside down but I will try to tone it down.. Life’s not perfect and frankly I don’t think it was ever meant to be.

I have a goal, at night I’d like to be able to confidently reflect on my day – I was happy, I was spontaneous but most importantly “I was happy”.

P.s. It’s been two days since my mouth has made any close contact with the toilet.. So it truly has been a great TWO DAYS 😂





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