Where to start..

I disappeared didn’t I ? Forgive me it was not intentional ..
As most of you may know I am a practicing muslim, were currently in our last ten days of Ramadan ( the holy month in which we believe the Quran was revealed to our beloved prophet Muhamad pbuh). I remember fasting the whole month when I was pregnant with zayn, two months along and didn’t even feel it. This time around though I’ve managed to fast four days !!! 😞 Fasting is not obligatory for those who are pregnant, Breastfeeding or ill however I craved the feeling of fasting and the increase in spirituality it provides a soul with. All that to the side, I have been blessed with wonderful inlaws and a great family who insist on not letting us eat at home alone, so were currently breaking fast a day at each house. Anyone who is familiar with Ramadan knows that you’re pretty much stuck in the kitchen from noon, preparing a feast for hungry tummies.. By the time I get home it’s bath and bed routine for my LO aaaaannnndd by the time that’s over, this woman over here just needs a short hot shower and she’s snoozing to infinity and beyond☺️.

I missed writing and updating you all !! Big news, I can’t reveal the publishing company on social media due to fine print conditions but very soon there will be a book published !!! Yes by your one and only 😬.. So very excited, it’ll be a guide for every new mama, not just the facts of what to expect.. But month by month REAL experiences, from pee peeing every two seconds to the emotional and physical exhaustion of being pregnant and having a new born. I feel truly blessed, I’m not too fussed on whether it’s a best selling book.. I just want to be able to show the world that hey ! I’m a mama of two and at 21 I wrote a book.. So many stereotypes on the limitations of women these days, none the less on Muslim, hijab wearing women. I want this book to break those barriers that were placed on us unwillingly.. There is no limit to success, there is no right or wrong – you want something ? Go get it !

So that’s the big GO on what’s been happening in the mummy adventures house hold.. Nearly 11 weeks pregnant now.. The morning sickness is not holding back at all 😞. I’ve tried everything.. Soon enough I’ll be setting an alarm at 3am to shove a cracker down my throat – maybe that will stop my EVERY DAY meetings with the toilet 😐. I hope it stops soon.. Not to mention my “kidneys being so strong” that I’m able to pee 125373835272 times a day 😏.. Oh I do not remember it being like this .. Who would have thought ! Considering my first pregnancy was a walk in the park .. This time around it seems like a hike in the jungle πŸ™ˆ.

I will be writing more often.. Again I apologise for the long absence but at least my long essay made up for that πŸ˜‰.





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