Ever get that feeling ?

Ever get that feeling that you’re in a constant routine ? Like you’re almost living on a planet all on your own. Waking up, breakfast, chores, toddler time, dinner followed by bath/bed routine and then you’re off to snooze only to wake up to it all over again…

I think that entire month of the same thing happening day in day out really struck a cord. It seems like ever since Ramadan ended I have to do something different ( other than the usual ) every day. It was sad to see Ramadan go, but it was just the whole “living by the clock” that really got to me. If you’re feeling the same way why not change it up 😊

The smallest things make a difference I promise. Call a friend and meet up for breaky tomorrow, take up planting with your little one/s. Don’t be afraid to see them dirty, If I have learnt anything lately it’s that time goes by too quickly. You want to look back and remember the sudden trips to the park that you took, or the mud painting ( aka body painting πŸ˜‚ ) that you enjoyed with your LO. Whatever it is, just change it up – why ? Because you deserve it !

You are not a robot, yes you are a Mama and sometimes when repeating yourself a thousand times you may appear to be one but NO ! You are a woman, with a heart & emotions. You have the right to enjoy life just as much as your LO so stop stressing on whether the washing is done or dishes are packed away.. Get the picnic basket and off you go !!

Life really is too short, not encouraging you to buy those sky diving tickets you’ve been dying for but just ‘live a little’. *Hypocrite*I giggled as I typed that because I for one cannot sit on the lounge while the house is upside down but I will try to tone it down.. Life’s not perfect and frankly I don’t think it was ever meant to be.

I have a goal, at night I’d like to be able to confidently reflect on my day – I was happy, I was spontaneous but most importantly “I was happy”.

P.s. It’s been two days since my mouth has made any close contact with the toilet.. So it truly has been a great TWO DAYS πŸ˜‚





Take a minute..

Do you ever ? I mean actually take a seat and think or even reflect ?
I think taking a minute took it’s toll today.. Something so silly so minor, cramps.. Yes my stomach cramped. My immediate thought ? Is it happening again ? It’s upsetting that those kind of thoughts even sprung to mind, but in that moment they were un avoidable. Ever have those moments where you’re surrounded by tons of people, conversations going on yet you’re isolated by only your thoughts ?

Well take a minute.. And that’s what I did, excused myself and got home as fast as I could, bathed my little one, and there it was, my answer to every negative thought that I couldn’t shut out – giggling at the silliest thing, his pyjamas ! Without any control over my emotions I cried and wanted to beat myself up at the same time.. Why is it that we are so ungrateful for the things we have ? Why is it that we are so selfish that we forget that we are surrounded with love ?

I sat.. Opened up my social media accounts as per normal – there it was black and white, three boys shot dead in Gaza. There I was prepared to be a wreck if I miscarried this baby, while there they were 1, 3 and 4.. Their lives taken away from them, stolen – In that moment I looked down at my tummy and whispered, whatever you decide.. To stay or go, I will be strong. I will be strong because I am content.. I am content that we live in a safe country, I am content that I have a healthy boy, content with the spouse that I have chosen to spend the rest of my living and after life with. I am content.

So there it is.. A post as fresh as it could get.. I hope after reading this you’ll take a minute, whether it’s to look up at your toy filled house & smile as you replay the images of your child/ren attacking them during the day, or whether you stare at your partner and subconsciously smile.. Whatever it is, just look up, let it sink in – you are blessed, all that is around you is a blessing.

Always, Momma_z


Where to start..

I disappeared didn’t I ? Forgive me it was not intentional ..
As most of you may know I am a practicing muslim, were currently in our last ten days of Ramadan ( the holy month in which we believe the Quran was revealed to our beloved prophet Muhamad pbuh). I remember fasting the whole month when I was pregnant with zayn, two months along and didn’t even feel it. This time around though I’ve managed to fast four days !!! 😞 Fasting is not obligatory for those who are pregnant, Breastfeeding or ill however I craved the feeling of fasting and the increase in spirituality it provides a soul with. All that to the side, I have been blessed with wonderful inlaws and a great family who insist on not letting us eat at home alone, so were currently breaking fast a day at each house. Anyone who is familiar with Ramadan knows that you’re pretty much stuck in the kitchen from noon, preparing a feast for hungry tummies.. By the time I get home it’s bath and bed routine for my LO aaaaannnndd by the time that’s over, this woman over here just needs a short hot shower and she’s snoozing to infinity and beyond☺️.

I missed writing and updating you all !! Big news, I can’t reveal the publishing company on social media due to fine print conditions but very soon there will be a book published !!! Yes by your one and only 😬.. So very excited, it’ll be a guide for every new mama, not just the facts of what to expect.. But month by month REAL experiences, from pee peeing every two seconds to the emotional and physical exhaustion of being pregnant and having a new born. I feel truly blessed, I’m not too fussed on whether it’s a best selling book.. I just want to be able to show the world that hey ! I’m a mama of two and at 21 I wrote a book.. So many stereotypes on the limitations of women these days, none the less on Muslim, hijab wearing women. I want this book to break those barriers that were placed on us unwillingly.. There is no limit to success, there is no right or wrong – you want something ? Go get it !

So that’s the big GO on what’s been happening in the mummy adventures house hold.. Nearly 11 weeks pregnant now.. The morning sickness is not holding back at all 😞. I’ve tried everything.. Soon enough I’ll be setting an alarm at 3am to shove a cracker down my throat – maybe that will stop my EVERY DAY meetings with the toilet 😐. I hope it stops soon.. Not to mention my “kidneys being so strong” that I’m able to pee 125373835272 times a day 😏.. Oh I do not remember it being like this .. Who would have thought ! Considering my first pregnancy was a walk in the park .. This time around it seems like a hike in the jungle πŸ™ˆ.

I will be writing more often.. Again I apologise for the long absence but at least my long essay made up for that πŸ˜‰.