Memory of a fish ?

I just don’t seem to remember.. I don’t remember it being this difficult. 😞
What was it with my LO ? That I was distracted because I was working full time when I found out I was pregnant ? Was it that I was keeping myself busy all day that I had no time to “be sick” ?

These questions run through my head at least a million times every day ! Poor DH doesn’t get the chance to say good morning without me bolting away like the superhero “flash” to let out what’s been sitting at my throat all night 😐. I don’t complain, or at least I don’t feel I have the right to complain.. This is what we wanted, we wanted this pregnancy oh so very badly – it happened, we were blessed & it actually happened πŸ™Œ. But boy this nausea, over craving of sleep, feeling like there’s an alien in my tummy that wants to eat the whole world yet can’t hold down a biscuit has just sucked all the life outa me.

I don’t even have the energy to carry a civilised conversation with anybody – my new mantra is ” if it’s not urgent I won’t speak”. I mean seriously ?! When LO was a newborn I laughed at the whole “sleep when baby is sleeping”.. These days I’m falling asleep before I see his eyes close πŸ˜‚. DH’s theory is that this little being might be a girl and that’s why I’m “soooo different” this time round ( does he remember me blowing bubbles and making rainbows the first time ?) I legitimately can’t remember.

What are your theories ? Is this normal ? Even if you’re having the same sex ? But two different pregnancies ? Or does it mean I really do have some spoilt daddy’s girl in there that’s paying me back for every time I slammed my bedroom door out of anger towards my darling mama bear.

P.s. Karma, please don’t be cruel πŸ™ˆ





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