Why I failed at being “happy”

I failed.. I failed at being happy – does that even sound okay ? Not to me it doesn’t.

So for those of you who have kept up to date with my blog, I recently posted about taking up a challenge that was all over social media: #100happydays
So the point was to take a picture of something that made you happy every day.. You had to capture it by photograph – “easy” I assumed initially – or so I thought.

I have given up the challenge at 22 days of being happy ? ( oh god that sounds weird even saying those words aloud ). This challenge just wasn’t realistic enough for me, it wasn’t the common excuse of not having enough time ( according to http://www.100happydays.com ) – I’m pretty much a social media freak.. But is it really possible to capture the things that make you happy in a photograph ? I had the decision making moment yesterday – hubby wasn’t home, LO and I had been indoors for two days due to the wind (more like a tornado) that ripped across Syd. LO heard a loud bang, most likely the tree outside banging against the carport – all of a sudden his face struck an expression I had never seen before, mouth wide open, eyes cringed and before I knew it he was running towards me squealing “mama”… That moment right there – oh was just so magical, he convinced me right then and there that in his big world of large furniture and giants, I was somehow his super hero. Happy was not the word, I felt like I could literally spread my wings and fly.

I realised.. It would have been impossible to capture that moment, I mean yes a photo speaks a thousand words, but you cannot capture the million emotions pumping through your veins. The little things, like waking up with my eyes half open and hearing him giggle, the fuzzy feeling that buzzes through my spine – I cannot capture that.

I failed at being happy, though thinking about it now I succeeded in being real !





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