So whether you have Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you would have noticed a new social media craze, also known as the 100 happy days that’s been floating around on your newsfeed..
Truth be told –
I had no idea what it was at first, confused at the hash tagging some of my friends had.. E.g. ” Day 24 – movie marathon #100happydays”. So like any other average human that was lost – I googled it 😳 First thing that my good pal google showed was the website As I skimmed through the page, nearly half way through I thought, well something makes me happy every day I’m sure! Until I read that 71% of people that take the challenge are unable to sustain the day number through to a 100 and give up. ” Did this website thingy just challenge me?” – I immediately thought “DONE”.

Okay.. Maybe that was abit early, I’m only on day two ☺️. But I think it’s possible ! It’s a challenge that encourages you to wake up in the morning and find something that motivates you that little bit extra to have a positive and productive day. As part of the challenge you also have to post a picture of what made you happy ! So no cheat cheat 😜

I encourage all you amazing souls to take up this challenge ! To do so, head to their website and register, also hashtag #mummyadventures so I’d be able to follow your 100 days of happiness journey 😊.

P.S. No doubt in my mind that this little boy lights up my mind, body and soul every day.. I’m just curious to see what other things during my day contribute to having a grin wiped over my face.





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