What keeps me “me”

Abit of a History lesson for you beautiful people (brace yourselves).😊

After graduating in 2010 I decided to take a gap year. It was a great experience, I focused on my personal life,goal setting and employment.. I never stopped working; Jumping from job to job till I found one that I actually enjoyed. I worked in the finance industry for close to a year before taking maternity leave in 2013. My workplace was very accepting of the fact that I was also studying ( Counselling through the Australian College of Applied Psychology ) often being super flexible in terms of getting assignments done “on the job” so to speak.

Once I fell pregnant, I could see the worried look on my Mothers face, I knew it wasn’t fear of how I would handle motherhood but afraid that I would throw away my studies. I knew inside that she knew I would never do that. I have been a book worm since I could remember, essay writing was my escape and fiction books were my “reality”. I continued studying right through till I gave birth. Lucky enough for me I had my LO during my two month break.

After receiving high distinctions.. I was notified that I could follow my original pursuit ( primary school teaching ) at the fraction of the normal time it would take. So here I am now with a One year and three month old energetic, attached and very vocal little boy who takes up all of my time but still delegating an hour sometimes two a day to what’s important to me.

I am routine crazy because it keeps me sane. I wake two hours before my LO does, tidy up the house, kettle on, coffee and laptop open – quick to start up any assignments that are due. In the evenings, 7.30pm he’s down – fold the washing, LO’s load in the wash, coffee and laptop open – this time to finish what I started in the morning.

Two more years to go and I’ll be qualified, though I will not work. Hopefully when I feel my family is complete (children) and they are at an age where they can be schooled I will begin my career… My partner is both supportive and encouraging and I know without those qualities in your other half it’s often hard to find that drive to pursue your own personal aspirations.

The discouraging comments continue till this day.. But they motivate me, push me to try harder.I’ve heard it and am still hearing it.. “Studying, really ?” Followed by the look like they just saw an alien land down on earth. Why is it so unbelievable ? I’ve preached it once and I’ll preach it again.. YOU and only you are in charge of how easy and how hard you make motherhood – actually your life in general.

Please do not mis understand, I am not to say being a mother is not an adequate enough position, for I believe it’s the highest ranking in humanity. It’s just about keeping your “mummy brain” alive. Some of you may do this in other ways e.g. Reading, conversing etc.. This is just mine.

The point of this post is..When you know you want to do something.. No scratch that – When you know what your mind is CAPABLE of, follow it ! That gut feeling that tells you ” I’d be an amazing interior designer ” follow it ! Open up your google and search away.

P.s. Just take the time, when your kiddies are asleep and your home is quiet to listen to that little voice in your head that’s begging to heard. If there’s no voice – then you my friend, are truly satisfied. ☺️





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