Dear Best Friend

Dear Best Friend,

Sorry for crying on you when you were crying, frustrated that you were crying but confused because I didn’t know why I was crying. Just know I wouldn’t have had that learning experience any other way.

Sorry for the “ooff” when I had just changed you and you decided to do a p- your business. Just know I love it when you giggle.

Sorry for the “no” that you hear at least 100 times a day.. Just know I’m trying hard to make you oh so well behaved.

Sorry for the silly questions that I ask from “where is your bottle?” to “why did you hit that glass?!”. Just know I look forward to the day when I can hear you explain.

Sorry for the “COME ON MAMA” moments that I get, I don’t mean to agitate you I just get a little upset. Just know it’s my way of keeping sane, I promise to never cause you any pain.

Sorry for the childish games like when I jump into your bed. Just know I’d do it a thousand times over only to hear that same laugh.

Sorry that I gossip to you about every little thing, I don’t mean to annoy you and make your ears ring. Just know it’s what friends do, you mean much more to me than what I mean to you.

Sorry for asking you for your fashion advice, the smile the “yes” the frown “not very nice”. Just know the way you see me is what matters.

Not sorry that you’re my best friend.. Just know it’s mama & you till the very end.





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