Feels like ages since I’ve last posted. Sorry to those who questioned my absence and lol at those who assumed I had run out of things to post about ! πŸ˜‚ Anyone who knows me personally would vouch for the fact that I never ever have nothing to say ☺️

On a serious note, I have been dealing with an issue that has arisen yet again ECZEMA. I’ve had it for aslong as I could remember.. The bloody hands, the uncontrollable urge to itch my face off and the burn oh the feeling of my whole body being on fire. So I’ve gotten the eczema on my body under control .. Saw a specialist last year who surprisingly recommended no medication but for me to change all my products e.g. Perfume free shampoo, omo sensitive washing powder, gloves while doing the dishes, hypo allergenic softener etc.. And magic ! I’ve had no eczema on my body since ! πŸ™Œ

My face was never an issue.. Since 2007 a dermatologist prescribed a cream called ELIDEL, with no indication of how long I should use it for. I loved it, even though it meant I could never do the normal things like getting a facial, exfoliating, applying masks without my face looking like a cat had attacked it – I was happy.. I stayed away from applying anything but ELIDEL.

So only recently ..I had run out of ELIDEL, headed to my GP only for him to say ” I will not prescribe it” shocked at his response I demanded to know why.. ” Well Layale, what does it say here ? ” I stared at the screen gobsmacked.. Was I really reading those words.. ‘Recommended usage of ELIDEL – short term.. Side effects of long term use include various types of LYMPHOMA’s ( fancy word for skin cancer ). Tears started to roll down without me realising.. Short term ? Is five years SHORT TERM ??!! Then began the agonising process.. Getting my skin used to being without ELIDEL daily.. I hadn’t gone through this since I was 12 ! The embarrassment of my face scaling.. Eczema was knocking on the door of my self esteem and it was difficult. My skin was addicted.. I went back to being the 12 year old girl visiting the GP every second day.. Whether it was someone’s perfume that came in contact with my face while kissing them.. Or the dust that flew off the outside table.. Anything and everything caused my face to flare.

Desperado Layale came into action.. I demanded I see a dermatologist.. Dr Samuel Zagarella his name was, but I like to call him Superman 😁 because as of Monday the 5th of May 2014 I am able to have my face back ! My emotions could not be held back as he read a study that was conducted in the year 2013 and published JAN 2014 that recently found no substantial link of LYMPHOMAS between ELIDEL and long time users !! Even though they will still warn users on packaging ( pretty silly ) I’m fine with throwing the packet away ! 😭

So that’s a life story at it’s best ^^^ but that’s what I’ve been dealing with (:

Sorry for going all M.I.A but MOMMA Z IS BACK !

Yours truly




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