My Labour Experience

I’ve typed it up on the heading, loud and clear for those who cringe at the word, it’s a head start for you to close this post. 🙊

I’ve been speaking about this a lot lately with friends and family and for some reason my experience always seems to make people have a more positive outlook going into labour. Yes I back the whole ” your experience will always be different ” saying, however it’s nice to hear/ read a “feel good story” from time to time.

I was 37 and a half weeks, it was a Thursday night – 21/02/13.. And I had been out of the shower for no more than two hours following the most exhausting day. Not sure what possessed me that morning, woke up and decided it was time to go shopping, purchased new towels, cushions, bed sets, bath mats you name it ! Back home at 4pm and determined to continue I brought down all the windows, washed, dried them and placed them back.. In for a shower I went at 9pm. So imagine little me ( not so little then ) laying down watching some tv when POP, a waterfall made the lower part of my body home. 😔 Instantly I thought ” I KNEW IT! ” – all those times they told me my baby was too big, prepare for a c-section and blah blah, I just knew all along they had given me the wrong date.. 3 weeks early ? Could this be ?

Off to the hospital, I wasn’t contracting so the midwife handed me two panadol’s and a sleeping tablet ( I would have never taken them without asking a doctor looking back ). “Your EDD is 11th of March?!” She said ” Oh no honey too early, you won’t be giving birth in the next 24 hours, we’ll have to induce you Saturday morning”.. Naive me, popped the pills and headed back home.

5.00am, yep they started – contractions 😖 oh how much a woman can handle.. First 10 mins between the first and second, then down to 8.. Yep hospital time..

When we got there I had already dilated 3cm.. 5.30am ” Can I really do this ?” I asked, staring helplessly at my husband and mum who were on standby the entire night.. With every contraction I felt my insides tear a little more, every contraction I felt like ripping the room apart and throwing something at the midwife who was so kindly monitoring me.. I couldn’t control my emotions, the pain to me was unbearable. Taking the sleeping tablet didn’t help either, as I felt so tired and drained when I wanted nothing more than to be ready to push this baby out !

I had done my research before walking into that delivery room. All that spare time I had on my hands, I went through every option.. Studied the epidural and the side effects not only on me as a mother but on the child aswell.. Gas, water birth, c-section you name it. One thing I was sure of was I would go natural, gas and epidural were not an option. Yes I can imagine your mouth slightly open with disbelief but I knew my body could handle it, ” this is what I was created for, my body can handle this” I repeated to myself.. 8am I went into labour, I was fully dilated and ready.. I remember my husband holding my hand, commentating and cheering as if he were watching a football match, my mum in the corner of the room, crying her eyes out with her hand over her mouth. I’m sure she felt helpless, as she watched her child give birth to another. What an amazing experience it was, looking back – going natural was the best thing that I ever did, I was left speechless post birth.. With every push, I felt my insides pushing with me as if they had been instructed to do so.. My pelvic muscles down to my thighs, everything was working together, I just squeezed and my body did the rest.. Almost as if my body said ” you push and I’ll take care if the rest”. My body did just that.. 27 minutes of pushing later, sleepy head Zayn was born, eyes closed and snoring away (justifies his heavy sleeping now).. No tears externally or internally & was discharged 3 days later.

So there you have it, not much of a horror story but it’s my story .😊If you have any other questions regarding material that I could send you, in terms of studies that I had read pre birth – just let me know via comment.

Yours Truly




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