What will be… my big adventure !

So http://www.gapyear.com/ and http://bloggers-lounge.co.uk have teamed up, to reward a lucky blogger a 21 day trip around NZ. All we have to do is write a post about an adventure we’ve had or one that we aspire to experience.

It’s funny, if I had seen the word ‘adventure’ before my LO, I would have immediately thought yep the Maldives, so relaxing and exotic, or better yet a theme park adventure with mind blowing rides.. Now when I think of the word adventure I think, chasing after the cat in the back yard, following the ant on the side walk or better yet building a fort and playing pirates !

It’s important to think for the future , it keeps ones mind healthy and for me ‘sane’.. I am big on goal setting, whether it be from making sure I continued my studies after birth or making sure I had my LO’s room painted in a month, goals help me remain organised and determined. One important goal I have in mind is to adventure on an African Safari.

Hold up, this is a long term goal, something I want to experience when I feel that my family is complete.. So here it goes..
My dream is to have three little muffins running around my little cottage in the middle of nowhere ( yes I dream of a home in the kingdom of far far away ). Once that dream becomes a reality, I want to scoop them all up and whisk them away on a jungle safari !

Uhuh Im assuming that eyebrow of yours lifted a little bit, yes you’ll get your average mummy going on about Disney land and exotic resorts, but where are all my lion kings at ? I want my children to grow up to be kind to nature and it’s abilities to create habitats to beautiful creatures. I want them to grow up and appreciate the outdoors like I did when I was a child. A jungle safari will my family’s ultimate adventure, they will appreciate other cultures lifestyles, living conditions, the things they will most certainly take for granted.. But most of all they will understand the meaning of the word “freedom”. It won’t be like visiting your average zoo, we will be in their territory, in their land, where they can roam freely and do as they please without a man with a microphone signalling for them to do an odd trick. It will be gobsmacking and an eye swelling experience from what I can imagine.. Staring into their little eyes as they open their mouthes to gasp and say “mama look!” I can imagine my eyes filling with tears as I observe their little fits of excitement on a roaring four wheel drive, bouncing up and down and having to abruptly stop so that a giraffe could take a peak from above.

As I type this post, I smile every time I type the letter I or should I say ‘word’. Does this make me selfish? What if my kids decide that they want to meet Mickey Mouse instead ? Oh right, forgot that I could then use #mamaweapon101 – ” I’m the mum and what I say goes !! ”

In that case…

Aweembaweh Aweembaweh Aweembaweh 😂

Yours truly




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