Bond Day

Simple as that..

This post isn’t to say that day in day out you aren’t spending time with your child/children, it’s to dedicate a day full of fun and activities minus running any errands, visits or appointments. It’s a day just for them !

In our ideal “perfect mama world”, we’d love to be painting and baking all day every day but reality is far from that. Dedicate a day, where you can do all different activities that revolve around your LO.. It’s fun and inexpensive.

Idea One:
Little munchkins from 6 months will enjoy painting! The ooey gooey feeling of them dipping their tiny fingers in paint will excite every tiny bone in their body! You can purchase large disposable plastic sheets (to avoid the cleaning up task post painting sesh),canvases from $2 stores and non toxic, baby friendly paint (office works). Mix it up – using masking tape, create shapes and letters, let their little hands paint away then when dry peal off the tape to show the outline (:

Idea Two:
Pack a picnic box just for the two/three/four of you and head out, any day during the week. Pack some sandwiches, juice boxes , dry snacks and head to a local park (even more fun if you find one with a sand pit). Get involved, don’t just sit on the side and watch, children love when their mama decides to unleash the big kid inside of her (:

Idea Three:
If it’s too much of a hassle to leave the home ( especially if you have a new born & toddler,leaving home may be a huge task). Create a blanket fort, toddlers will love this! Though warning your house may look like it was invaded by pirates (:
Using your regular household furniture (couches, stools etc) throw the blankets around (attempting to create a tent like mini cubby house) and begin ! Add to the fun by dressing up , placing socks on your hands and shorts on your head, (ensure you’ve thrown “adulthood” out the door ! Children love seeing adults be goofy, especially when they don’t have another sibling/ child with them to enjoy themselves with.

I’m sure reading this, at least three more ideas will spring to your mind ! Just remember the most important part of all is to enjoy it ! Second ? TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS! Its those sleepless nights, stressful days where you’ll be going through your phone and be forced to crack a smile when looking back.

Yours Truly




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