Making life easier …

This post is just to share a couple of tips with you beautiful mamas in regards to being organised and making life a little easier.

Oh sometimes I feel like I have packed my LO’s entire wardrobe into his backpack for only one outing ! Get into a routine of what I like to call the “night time clean up”. So once your LO is in bed, unpack the entire bag, take out what has been used and put aside for the washing (e.g. The spare tshirt that he/she ended up using) then repack another tshirt. Get your nappy number in order (e.g. I pack 5 nappies) so by that night if three we were used, pack another three, don’t wait till a couple of days later to notice that you’re running on one nappy while out shopping.

Tip Two: Lunch Box (Toddlers)
While unpacking the whole bag, start re packing for the next day.. Dry snacks for example can be packed the night before. So pack the snacks like biscuits, tiny Teddy’s, crackers, muesli bars – all the things your LO is used to munching on during the course of the day aside from the big meals.

Tip Three: Baby Food
Similar to packing for the toddler .. Just make life easier on you for the next day. (Not Breastfeeding) So if you haven’t already invest in a formula stacker ! (Container with either 3 or 4 compartments to store the formula scoops) By the end of the day if your LO has only had three of the four compartments, refill the three and pack it back. Clean out dirty bibs and immediately replace them.

Tip Four: The Washing
I know I dread it as well but it’s a must ! Get used to washing your LO’s clothes at night. By morning you would have had breakfast out of the way, then changed them from pjays to normal clothing (pjays in the basket).. So whilst doing your night time bag clean out after your LO’s bath and bed time is over, add to the pjays.. ( bibs, change of clothes, dirty socks, towel etc..) Wash that one load, and hang them in the morning or turn on the dryer.Next day, same thing.. Get into that habit, and snap out of washing their clothes twice or three times a day.

Tip Five: Household cleaning
It seems like everything I’m advising is happening at night, right? Not cleaning though. For me what works best is waking up before my LO even if it’s by half an hour. Get used to that, get your bed tidied up, a load in the washing and if you’re as lucky as me and have a deep sleeper – vacuum !! Otherwise do the vacuuming and dishes right after your LO has breakie. So by 10am guess who is sitting and spending time without a thing to do ? YOU ARE ! Also comes handy if you have some unexpected visitors during the day (: If mopping becomes a necessity, try and do it when your LO goes down for a nap, that way you’ll have no sKID marks over your floors.

Tip Six: Disinfect
Get into the habit of wiping down their cot, change table and tall boys with a mix of warm water and dettol every two days. You can also use it to mop the floors, if the smell is too strong use less than what is recommended, otherwise use cleaning vinegar. For the mamas that boil water for their LO’s bottles.. Every month fill half your kettle with cleaning vinegar and boil it ( you’d be surprised at what you’d find ). You can also try cleaning the steriliser (if you have one) with cleaning vinegar every fortnight ( same thing.. Just replace the recommended water amount with the vinegar DO NOT ADD BOTTLES) .. It will get rid of any excess bacteria still lying around that you can’t see.

It’s a lot to take in I know, but just sharing what works well for me.. And hopefully it will do the same for you (:

Yours Truly


P.s just a little humour xx



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