The Other Half

Becoming a Mother is an emotional process, you want to give it all you’ve got the minute you set your eyes on that beautiful baby you can call yours forever. It is an indescribable experience, and in your mind there is no one on this earth that could relate to how you feel.

This post isn’t to differ with that, this post is just to shed light on the emotions your husband/ partner might be going through. Here he is, falling in love with you all over again, as he sees this side to you that he hasn’t witnessed before until now. Here is this man that has heard you continually throwing nursery ideas, listening to you ask 101 questions to the sales person in ‘babies r us’, here is the person who decided that you were the only one he could see being the mother of his children.

It is so overwhelming, becoming a mother… It’s this little being uncovering bits and pieces to your soul that you yourself never knew existed. You spend all day and night watching their every move so amazed at how they are changing every day.

It’s just important to remember that your husband plays a huge role too. It’s vital you take his emotions into consideration. He has gone from having you all to himself to seeing you pour your heart and soul into being a mother. It’s a fact of life, it’s not his fault by any means.. He may not show you that ‘selfish’ side to him but it doesn’t mean it’s not present.

The point of this post: make him feel important too. We downplay the role of the father simply because he’s not the mum ! Pay attention to him.. Even if it’s the little things like dedicating a date night where you could either go out to a movie or rent one at home, little things like making him unexpected breakfast on his way to work… Little things are what keep your marriage going, make it obvious that yes though I have become a mother doesn’t mean I make any less of a great spouse. Let him know that having a family doesn’t change your relationship dynamic, that the love towards your child is completely different to the love you have for your husband. Let him know that he still has your half, the half that was always there but has now been outshone by your mama glow !


Yours truly



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