Your life is NOT over

Read it how you see it because that’s the truth. People ( I mean childless people ) automatically assume that once a person has a child or children that their capability of carrying a conversation with people has vanished.

To those mamas expecting:

You and only YOU determine the turn your life will take after have your child. Having a baby does not hold you back from exploring the world, it may mean knowing every type of baby product on the market but it won’t mean forgetting the way to your favourite desert place.

Surround yourself with friends that are supportive of your journey and respect the fact that your life style is about to change dramatically. You most probably will always talk about your baby.. I know I know I said it too before I had my LO “I’ll never be that mum”.. Accept it, aslong as your circle consists of people excited for your journey into motherhood then that’s all that really matters and in time you’ll notice that you yourself have changed in ways.

To my lovely mamas’

I get it we all have that guilty feeling if we leave our little ones and enjoy ourselves for a couple of hours. Whether it be getting the regrowth sorted or having a coffee by the beach, take a breather you deserve it. Something that works for me, I plan those times around my LO’s nap times. For some odd reason I feel a little less guilty when I do this, knowing he’s asleep and not looking around for me helps a lot. That way he’s comfortable and so am I.

So my conclusion is plan a movie night/lunch date, either with your partner or friends, settle your LO to bed or have someone mind them while they’re asleep.. You’ll feel great knowing you’ve met their needs now you’re meeting yours.


The quote above makes all the sense in the world, happy you equals happy mum !

Yours truly



7 thoughts on “Your life is NOT over

  1. Love the idea of planning it around their nap times. Never thought of doing that. But she doesn’t have exact nap times,does that have something to do with routine?

  2. A great post. Can i confess that I have lost friends since I became a mother. Mostly because I went here from my country. But I werent able to make new ones as motherhood is a bit overwhelming and needs so much of my time. I am still struggling to be a good mom and wife and just deosn’t have free time to be myself. #binkylinky

  3. I’m lucky that my mum will have Potato for a while, even over night, if I need her to.
    The friends I do have locally are all mums, so we meet of during the day for coffee or play dates. I don’t have anybody nearby that I can meet up with for evening drinks, a meal or just a girlie chat and as my husband lives abroad, we don’t often get date nights either. But that said, I’m very happy with life as a mum. I’m a totally different person from the one I was before we had him, but in a good way 🙂
    Thanks for linking up with #BinkyLinky

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