I’m okay (:

It’s okay.. It’s okay to feel a little skitso here and there, it’s okay to let out a sigh when nobody’s looking, it’s okay to fall asleep in the shower, it’s okay to drink your coffee cold… ALL THE TIME, it’s okay to leave the washing on the line for two days.. ITS OKAY.

For mamas to be, please don’t think going into motherhood is going to be as glorious and full of daisies as it’s made out on the big screen. Your hair will be in a mess, you wouldn’t have taken a look in the mirror for a week you probably won’t be able to recall the last time you slept for longer than an hour… BUT ITS OKAY!! You holding that little baby, that creation that was rolling around for months in your tummy, that will make it all worth it.

So here it is… Some little personal advice my darlings,keep in mind all mothers experiences are different. However from the group of strangers I interviewed on a forum they were all pretty much on the same page (:

I had someone visit a month after I had my LO and they said “it’s just the first three months” as they were walking out.. I didn’t really understand what they meant until now, as I reflect back.

What to expect

First Month: You’ll be exhausted because all you’ll do is watch your baby sleeping all day, only to be woken up every two hours at night.

Second Month: You’ll be making multiple visits to the doctors over the smallest of things, but you won’t feel relaxed until you go.

Third Month: You would have had your fair share of ‘crying by myself on the kitchen floor’ moments, that you pick yourself up and mother on !!

Fourth Month: ?? Truth is by then your body has physically and mentally adapted to the drastic change your life has taken. You see that’s all it really is.. Change! It’s something new, something we have never experienced before. We as women were built to be able to not only handle but master the art of motherhood. By the fourth month you would’ve only been on 4 hours sleep but you’ll be dancing around the house ! You’ll be content, you’ll be confident, you’ll be one hell of a mama !

Point is; stop, relax and remember you’re writing your own story.


( Just for laughs 😛 )

Yours Truly



2 thoughts on “I’m okay (:

  1. Lol I love this now this is what I’m talkn about just say how it is I’m two weeks out of having my first I hate listening to crappy sad stories you’re saying the truth but being all positive about it . Please keep posting u make me feel so much better

  2. Followed your link!! Hi there Australian mum,I blog from Toronto good job so far

    Loving this post gave me a little giggle,and I know a good blogger when their threads make me laugh. I’ll be keeping an eye out rookie in the meantime I’ve emailed over some material.

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