Co sleeping Yay or Nay

So for mums to be, co sleeping is pretty much exactly that.. Some mothers find it a means of creating that special bond between mother and child, while others admit that co sleeping was forced upon due to the “late night feed laziness”.

Personally, I started off co sleeping for the first week when I had a midnight scare I still thank god till this day that DH was awake. I was so exhausted and rolled over on my left where my LO was sleeping :(..

So then I decided to place bub in a bassinet next to me. However DH has an early wake up for work, around 5.30 every morning and I was noticing that everytime LO would wake for a feed he would aswell. I could see it taking a toll on him though he tried very well to hide it, I could not risk seeing him leave home tired and on the road for an hour and half or so in that state.. So I made a bold move and placed my LO in his cot at just three weeks. Purchased a little monitor, so when I heard him cry would switch it off close the bedroom door and go into bub’s room…

I heard/ saw it all, the eyebrows being raised, the whole “he’s just a baby how could you”.. But remember nobody knows what’s best for your family but you, trust your instinct, trust your gut and in time you’ll realise it’s what worked !!

10 months later, bub is still in his own cot, and the same people that raised their eyebrows and looked at me funny are the ones struggling to get their LO’s out of their bed and are asking me for advice.. At the end of the day you need to realise as a mother that your relationship is just as important as being a parent, that both your partner’s and child’s needs to be met.

Please note I am in no way against co sleeping, if it works for you go for a gold just keep in mind the older they get the more difficult it will become to get them used to sleeping on their own.

Feel free to comment and let me know what worked for you .. And for mums to be will you be co sleeping ? Yay or nay ?

Yours truly



One thought on “Co sleeping Yay or Nay

  1. Interesting thoughts!!!!!! You definitely need to get in contact with some mother groups out there,you could even grab a Column in a magazine

    No seriously really enjoying your threads

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