Tiger… You are !!

The amount of pressure that is placed on women post baby is unbelievable ! I remember arriving home from the hospital, placing bub in his cot and bolting to the shower.., I don’t know why but there was a sense of urgency to be back in my home, in my shower.. I remember feeling so relaxed with warm water running over my body UNTIL I looked down :O WHAT?! I could swear I looked like I was due to give birth any second, I was about to go insane thinking ‘did I really give birth or is it all in my head’ yes this a LOL moment when I look back at it now but no words can describe how depressed how I felt. I was fine when I was pregnant I showed off my tummy cos I had something in there .. But now what excuse did I have…

Nine months later and I can assure you the old wives tale “in time your weight will drop” is true, yes I still have my warrior marks.. YES WARRIOR MARKS but thats the best bit… To all the mommas out there whether you’re pregnant or cradling a little one in your arms, next time you’re having a shower/bath run your fingers along those marks and thank your body… You are a warrior you carried and protected your little child and that is a miracle in itself.. embrace it ! I may not have thousands of dollars to spend on ridding my cellulite , I may not be the fittest person, but I am one hell of a dedicated mum, so before you worry about your body or dwell on your post baby figure just take a minute to smile and be grateful that your body was able to go through with the whole process.. Learn to not call them stretch marks, you are a tiger and you’ve earned your stripes !!


Yours Truly



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