Negativity ? BRUSH IT OFF

Many people think that just because I’m young , means I’m incapable of giving advice .. We’ll heads up sometimes I feel like my brain is at a completely different age as my license states. So here it goes.. 

Whether you’re 18 or 38 you’re either “too young to know” or “too old fashioned”. A comment was left on one of my posts asking me to post a blog on negativity during pregnancy.  


You’re young ? You’re going to hear the whole ” oh I could never do that, I want to travel the world, live my life” “getting them out of the way when you’re young right ?” argh when I hear these comments I feel like exploding and replying with ” great, good for you ! I’m not you, I’m me ” whatever your reason was to falling pregnant whether if it were by mistake or planned, you will be great at being a mother, your life will not collapse to the floor … Breathe, the negativity will usually come from people outside of your ‘inner circle’ so just brush it off. Key to happiness during pregnancy is surrounding yourself with people that are supportive , caring and encouraging of your journey! Note: Forums like are a great way of getting some encouragement off other mums, aswell as getting to know some other mums to be (:


You’ve hit your late 30’s or older.. No matter what your personal struggle is, or if the pregnancy was spontaneous or even planned expect the criticism. People may not be as confronting about it, but the simple “wow ! Now? Really ? Okay *awkward look* ” could hurt your feelings.. Don’t feel obliged to explain yourself, you do not need to justify yourself.What applies here is what was mentioned in scenario one except you may feel abit more sensitive because you’re abit more self conscious. I think having a partner with you through your journey will be the major ‘big help’ , or at least someone that will be your ‘rock’ so to speak. Somebody that will comfort you, continually remind you that you are a miracle worker ! That you are creating, protecting and nurturing a little being within you , someone that will remind you that you have a purpose, that there is no age limit on bringing a soul to life , providing him/ her with eternal love. Learn to brush off comments that frustrate you .. If you can’t handle just biting your tongue , rub that tummy of yours, sport a huge ass smile, turn that glorious body of yours and walk the other way !

Yours truly



Tiger… You are !!

The amount of pressure that is placed on women post baby is unbelievable ! I remember arriving home from the hospital, placing bub in his cot and bolting to the shower.., I don’t know why but there was a sense of urgency to be back in my home, in my shower.. I remember feeling so relaxed with warm water running over my body UNTIL I looked down :O WHAT?! I could swear I looked like I was due to give birth any second, I was about to go insane thinking ‘did I really give birth or is it all in my head’ yes this a LOL moment when I look back at it now but no words can describe how depressed how I felt. I was fine when I was pregnant I showed off my tummy cos I had something in there .. But now what excuse did I have…

Nine months later and I can assure you the old wives tale “in time your weight will drop” is true, yes I still have my warrior marks.. YES WARRIOR MARKS but thats the best bit… To all the mommas out there whether you’re pregnant or cradling a little one in your arms, next time you’re having a shower/bath run your fingers along those marks and thank your body… You are a warrior you carried and protected your little child and that is a miracle in itself.. embrace it ! I may not have thousands of dollars to spend on ridding my cellulite , I may not be the fittest person, but I am one hell of a dedicated mum, so before you worry about your body or dwell on your post baby figure just take a minute to smile and be grateful that your body was able to go through with the whole process.. Learn to not call them stretch marks, you are a tiger and you’ve earned your stripes !!


Yours Truly