Helpful Idea (:

9 Days after I gave birth to baby Zayn, I was rushed to hospital and it was confirmed that I had been struck with endometritis .. So pretty much what happened was bits of my placenta decided they wanted to stick around and infect the line of my uterus. Fever for three days straight, didn’t think anything huge of it.. Until told by the doctor that if I had let it go one more day I wouldn’t have been alive. It’s deadly , so read the link, know the symptoms as it’s more common these days than you think.

Following a four day course of four different antibiotics my milk had completely been drained to only a couple of drops. It was sad, as I was so excited to breast feed, and as a result started zayn on s26 gold newborn (hospital reccomendation).

So then began the process of carrying powder around, making sure I was at a family or friends house when it was time for his feed so I could have his warm water prepared (big hassle).. And then one day on ebay ( lifesaver ) I came across “Thermos”, I made sure in the description ts was able to keep liquids warm for up to 8 hours !

I cannot describe the excitement I felt when it arrived. His late night feeds were so quick and easy, I didnt have to stand and wait for his water to be at the exact, right temp.. instead it was: pour,powder and shake..

I highly reccomend a thermos, for Mums that have decided, or have no other choice but to bottle feed to invest in one of these and thank me later (:

Yours Truly




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