First official blog post


So for all of those who have children or are expecting, I’m sure you can all relate to the first time you found out you were pregnant ! Whether it was by peeing on a stick (have no shame) or the blood test (most common) after realising youve missed your period, the feeling of butterflies in your tummy could not have been any different.

For those first couple of months, I felt anything but pregnant.. wondering when this little thing was going to start kicking already ! I still remember being at work and being stared at by those who ofcourse didnt know me, as if I had a beer belly ! But I have to admit it gave  me a little giggle… Finally when i decided to let my friends and work colleagues know that I was happily expecting I had mixed reactions. There was ofcourse the “WOW! Congrats youre really young though dont you think?”, “OH, there goes your life” and the most common “Youre going to be a great Mum”.. Dont even try beating yourself up wondering why people say such things, just remember that during your pregnancy/post baby to surround yourself with those people that were genuinely happy for you from the very start !

So here I am now, with a wonderful boy named Zayn born on the 22nd of Feb 2013, at 8.27am !

I know there are baby forums where youcan ask questions and get a response, but wouldnt it be lovely if we can all share our experiences and ideas, as we journey through Motherhood ? Exactly what my objective was when I decided to start my own blog… Feel free to comment on what kind of reactions you all recieved when you told your friends/family/work colleagues you were expecting (:

Yours Truly



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